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NV Penfolds Great Grandfather Port

 Great Grandfather Rare Tawny is sourced from stage six of the ‘Grandfather Solera’ and individual batches of maturing Grandfather that are identified as having exceptional quality. These components are further aged before being blended and introduced into the ‘Great Grandfather Solera’.

With a minimum average blended age of 30 years, Penfolds Great Grandfather Rare Tawny delivers a beguiling mix of age, structure, strength and complexity with each and every sip.

$350.00 per Bottle
Varietal Port
Appellation Australia
Acid 7.9g/L
PH 3.22
Alcohol % 19.5
Size 750 ml
Tasting Notes
An extremely dark mahogany brown with an intense olive green tinge.

The nose is extremely intense and complex with raisined fruit, toffee and malt aromas long since integrated with nutty aged rancio, vanillin oak and subtle spirit.

The palate clearly demonstrates its great age and quality with incredible intensity of flavour, viscosity and length matched to elegance and finesse. The wine has a perfect harmony of rich developed fruit flavours, aged rancio complexity and a slightly drying finish.
Production Notes
The Great Grandfather Rare Tawny was created in 1994 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Penfolds. It is a special blend sourced from the Grandfather Solera (that has an average age above 20 years) which is given additional old oak maturation. In addition selected batches from the Grandfather stocks that are of exceptional quality are identified and allowed to age separately before being considered for blending into the Great Grandfather final blend. After an initial launch of 1994 bottles to commemorate the year of its inaugural release, Great Grandfather is only ever released in limited numbers to ensure the age and quality of the style is never compromised. With a core varietal selection of Mourvedre, Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache (but not limited to these varieties), Great Grandfather Rare Tawny sources fruit from vineyards specifically selected for fortified wine production. Penfolds uses a low strength fortifying spirit which is selected specifically for the Penfolds style. This spirit accentuates primary fruit character and adds additional complexity and seamless integration. With an average age above 30 years, Penfolds Great Grandfather Rare Tawny delivers a beguiling mix of structure, strength and length with each and every sip. The current Great Grandfather Solera contains a vintage span of 42 years with individual components covering 1960 to 2002 included. This large span of vintages ensures consistency and that the required level of age and youth for complexity and freshness is maintained. A specially selected ex-still fortifying spirit that has a distinctive aroma and flavour. The selected spirit traditionally has a strength between 78 and 85%v/v and must have the power and intensity to accompany and enhance the 30 years of age concentration and complexity without presenting as the dominant character. While spirit is the main driver of style in younger wines it becomes a less dominant contributor in wines of this age as the aged components take the forefront.